Venture Multi-Purpose

SOLD! From recreation to work, the Venture MP has you covered. The proven Genesis 499cc engine delivers a quick revving, torque laden power band to provide heavy hauling with the option to ride the trails comfortably. Add a tall windshield, large rear cargo rack and wide two-up seat and the Venture MP is ready to tackle any type of business.

  • Status: Sold
  • Website: Link
  • Price: $9799.00
  • Model: Venture Multi-Purpose
  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Courtenay



  • Lightweight, dependable sport-oriented Genesis 499cc twin
  • Designed to deliver a quick revving and torque laden power band
  • Advanced fuel injection system ensures consistent and efficient performance


  • Developed exclusively by Yamaha engineers
  • Incorporates a dual keel design
  • Reduces darting and steering effort while retaining predictable and sharp handling


  • Expansive windshield for optimum wind protection
  • Offers improved rider comfort
  • Perfect addition for all-day riding or long-hauls
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